Why to Stick To a Girl Who Travels?

She might not be all that pretty with all the suntan she gets from travelling. Her hair might be tangled because she loves to keep them open while she is sticking out her head from the window of the truck, she hitch-hiked into, while she ran out of money on her last budget travel. She loves to walk in the rain and get all her feet muddy. She likes to take a

RE7dip in the ice-cold, holy waters of the Ganges, at fucking 2 am. She might look like sleep deprived because she is so curious to see things while travelling, that she cuts down on her sleep so that she doesn’t misses a thing. Her love for the open road might make her a wanderer at times. She might disconnect herself for a while from you and everybody else she knows. She loves her solitude, she loves peace. She will always need some time to get lost in the nature in order to find herself. She keeps getting lost on purpose. She might sound insane when she discusses her next travel plan with you or discusses her next adventure trip.

40566_453153429457_576859457_6365856_1423903_nJust don’t give up on her, bear with her while she is away from you and closer to herself. Behind ‘not all that pretty’ face is the confidence and the proud feeling of all what she has accomplished in life. Those tangled hair have the fragrance of different flowers she tucked into them like a hippie while she was travelling in the remote valleys of Himalayas. Her muddy feet have the traces of the different civilizations and soils she has marked her footsteps on. Those holy waters of Ganges have washed up all her sins (if any, though I don’t think such a soul can ever commit a sin). In those sleep deprived eyes are so many dreams and twinkle of achieving them. The open roads she travelled on has allowed her to go to the remotest areas and meet people who live their lives without the luxuries of a city life but are still happy and contended. While she is traveling and loses a touch with you intentionally, understand that she has just met herself and wants to know more about herself. The solitude and peace allows her to think about what she has found and what she has lost till now in her journey of life. Getting lost in nature teaches her the deeper aspects of love and beauty. If she is purposely lost somewhere in the far away land, all you have to do is wait for her to come back to you. When she discusses her next travel plans with you, rather than stopping her due to the fear of losing her, encourage her to try skydiving or bungee jumping next time, she would love you more.


Often I have noticed that the girls who travel are either single or not in any stable relationship. The reason is just one and pretty clear. It’s not that they don’t have time for their partners or that they don’t love them. It’s just that while they travel, they meet a lot of new people, and that makes their partners insecure. The repeated insecurities and doubts of their partners irritate them resulting in break ups or the guys themselves walk out of the relationship as they stop trusting their girls. They forget that their girl is not the conventional girlfriend who will talk to them on phone for hours or texting them all day long rather she would spend her day writing a travelogue or keeping a diary of the experiences she had on her travels and the different people she met. These men need to understand that giving her this space will make her respect you and the relationship more. Once she is done with her trip she is going to come back to you only. No matter how many charming or interesting people she meets on her travels, she always has you in her mind and heart. The fact that someone is waiting for her back home allows her to sleep peacefully in the night after a hectic trekking in the mountains. Whenever she sees a panoramic view it reminds her of you and she thinks of coming along with you there someday. When she reaches to the top of the mountain she yells out your name and the echo is like music to her ears.


She might never be able to tell you how much she loves you because she wants you to look into her eyes and realize it for yourself when she comes back to you. If she has chosen you over others, you are special. She has met so many people in life and has seen so much that she develops a perfect sense of whom to give her heart to. If she has given her heart to you, remember that she also gave her soul to you so that you can keep it safe while she gets lost. She would want you to travel with her occasionally and not always because she knows that you love her and you will keep her away from doing all the crazy stuff she does on her travels, like cliff jumping or serving in a cafe just to meet backpackers from around the world.  You might not  ever understand her purpose of travelling so much but she understands you completely. All she demands is some freedom and space for her and in return gives you the same. While you are fighting with her over phone because you wanted to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with her and she is miles away from you, remember that in her heart she is sad and upset about it too. While you doubt her of having fling with other boy whom she just met while rafting in a river, she can also doubt you because you too are away from her and god knows whom you are sleeping around with. But she still puts all her trust in you because when you tell her that you love her, she takes it to be real and wants you to always love her the same. Remember when you asked her out, she told you she won’t be able to give you much of her time as she travels a lot, but you said “ it’s your travel stories that attract me to you”. But when she goes out to her next trip you completely forget what you loved her for and want her to be back.

IMG_20130827_045801Date a girl who travels, keep her, marry her, stick to her but remember that she loves you but also she loves to travel. Travelling is a part of her personality that made you fall in love with her. Don’t try to take it away from her because that will also take the love between you two out of her. You need to respect her courage and passion for travelling in order to get respect from her. She is a strong person and can do without you if you try to change her. She will call off the relationship and let you go if you try to do that, but will always keep you in the heart and will never let you know. It’s because, she believes life is a travel where you find and lose. She will take it as a part of life. She will not lose, just that she will gain another experience from her life’s journey. It will be you who would be losing someone who had a heart to love, a mind to think and a soul to be remembered. So if you are in a love with a girl who travels make sure you give her enough space to breath, don’t bind her with your insecurities and doubts and you will have one of the most amazing person for life. Stick to her no matter what because you may never find someone like her again.


About trippiehippiegirl

A wanderer, a traveller, a hippie, a nomad. . Call me by whatever name. . The truth of the matter is. . . I have dedicated this life to Travel and Freedom. . I'm not spiritual at all. . But i do have a spirited life. . Carpe Diem. . !! Spread Love, Peace and Light. . . !! Om Mani Padme Hung. . .
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13 Responses to Why to Stick To a Girl Who Travels?

  1. Priyanka says:

    loads of love…. good luck!!!!

    for me u ll remain dat simple sweet little girl… who has a smile on her face….
    twinkling eyes!!!


  2. amankhanna says:

    amazing content..great work…awesome…!!

  3. manav says:

    Mast hai ! 😀

  4. Yogi says:

    Trust me. There r guys who wud luv to be with a woman like this bcoz they r themselves the same. It is gr8 fun for both of them if they r alike. It is just so simple and ever romantic. They just have to find each other. There r very few of those guys just like there r very few girls, but there r some.

  5. Komal Gaur says:

    Awesome blog.. Loved it…

  6. Yeah, I believe most of us are single because I guess we’ve seen so much of the world that it’s silly to settle. We are not afraid to be alone, because we know that sometimes being alone is much more preferable than being with someone you don’t really like that much. 😀

  7. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Itz so true yr n I wud love to marry a gal wid same profession em hoping into the same very soon…..:-)

  8. pseudo trippie hippie says:

    One of the better versions of the lot. Alsodrafts an insight on relationships and about the conventional norms of a relationship besides travelling and other similar insecurity cause and effects. Keep them words coming.
    Much love.
    See you on the flipside.

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